May 2019: Full Embodiment

I sat on the floor next to my bedroom window.  The window was cracked opened a bit and the cool, moist morning air flowed effortlessly in.  Looking out the window from the floor, the blackened silhouette of the tree tops rested against the grey sky.  I could hear and feel the rustle of the leaves as the tree branches swayed from side to side set in motion by the gentle breeze.  The plip plop of rain drops added to the symphony.  An early morning cleansing.  The birds sang each their own song yet all blending together to welcome the beginning of a new day.  As I drank in the moist, morning air, I could feel all the cells in my body rejoice with the unity of these sites and sounds.  My body became enmeshed with the birds, trees, wind and rain.  Any and all physical boundaries dissolved into nonexistence.
The beauty of Nature's Dance continues endlessly without planning.  Nature moves guided by Divine Wisdom.  I am here now, able to be One with this moment.  What a gift!  What a gift that is continually given.  I have been blessed with the free will and unlimited ability to make the choice to tap into this at will.  Thank you Natural Wisdom of Universal Energy!

Take a moment to listen….
Our body has much to tell us.  Our body is designed for survival.  Its main goal is to survive.  And so, the body will actively let you know when something needs attention.  The question becomes, are you listening?
Just as our mind has automatic thoughts, our body has automatic responses to the world around us, in us and of us.  Pay attention to these immediate, “felt” messages the body sends before your mind is able to run away with the moment.   These automatic, physical signals deliver to us our very own unique soul wisdom.   
Our body is the ONLY thing on Earth that has been present with us through EVERY experience in this lifetime.  It has witnessed every heartbreak, every victory, every soaring moment, every darkest hour, every single emotion and has been the container for growing life inside of us - whether it be a creative idea or another human being.
The next time you hold a negative thought of your bodily appearance – see yourself as too short, too fat, too weak, too much hair, not have enough hair, too many wrinkles on your face, whatever the thought, I strongly encourage you to recall these words:
 Your body is the conduit of the Soul’s wisdom.  Hold your body with love and respect…. just as it is.   
Thank your body for being such a devoted partner to you through this life’s journey.  There are times when your body rejoices and moves freely and other times when it reaches out in need of support – honor both with love.
Without love and joy, our bodies slowly lose life.  Let’s bring our awareness to our body and listen to what is being communicated.
Share some love and laughter with someone today ~ lift your body!
*Mind ~ Body ~ Soul*
A living life intertwined
All my blessings to you this sweet month of May!
In the Light of Love,