What Clients Have Shared:

Deb is a gifted, humble practitioner of healing presence through the loving energy of her hands and heart. My body LOVES to be on the receiving end of Deb’s amazing Reiki sessions and my spirit thrills to interact with her fascinating and spot-on intuitive readings. I am inspired to deepen my spiritual practice by her constant communion with her Creator and am so grateful for her gentle, wise presence in the life of my body and soul.
— Beckie Boger

I have completed the Inner Wisdom class series. My inner, personal growth and expansion to the world around me was tremendous. How I look at the world around me, has forever changed. It was the best thing that happened to me. The classes encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone in a safe and peaceful environment. I never felt required to do anything I wasn’t comfortable doing. By being honest and true with myself, I feel I grew beyond words.

Since the classes, I have continued what I have learned in my daily life. I have found a peace that I never thought possible. Debbie’s classes and insight opened up that door for me. Debbie is a wonderful teacher with much knowledge to share. She is intuitive and knows what each student needs.
I recommend these classes to anyone at any level.

Thank you, Debbie, for the skills you taught me and my new view on life.
— Adriane

“My sessions with Debbie are very relaxing and leave me with a feeling of well being and balance. The insight she is given has helped me cultivate my own spiritual connection and growth, allowing me to make clearer decisions on my path.”
— Krystal Kettell, LMT, RM