June 2019: Let Go of My........EGO!!

Our mind, ego, and personality are all sort of lumped together in the "mind" section of  “body ~ mind ~ soul” connection and it sure gets a negative rap! 
Let’s take a moment to unpack this concept of mind/ego/personality.
I have heard the idea that our ego is the infant stage of our Soul, and I agree.  We grow and develop the ego through our personal awareness.  Our emotions and tendencies of our person (personality) are unique to each one of us.  They are a wonderful compass to follow in developing and maturing the ego.
Our mind is an amazing tool which sets us apart from animals.  What a gift we have been granted!  The mind gives us the ability to create, develop and day dream.  Think of all the inventions that have affected our means of transportation, comfort and communication that have resulted from the use of the mind.  Our mind is our greatest asset, let’s be sure to use it well by making wise choices.
So, the next time you are asked to “quiet your mind” or “release your ego”, I encourage you to do it with a dash of gratitude.
Go Ego!
*Mind ~ Body ~ Soul*
A living life intertwined.