April 2019: Fancy Pants

Not too long ago, my 2007 Honda Odyssey broke down yet again.  My Odyssey has served me well and has transported the children and I safely to many a destination and exploration.  This car, though not as dependable as it once was, holds a significance of a special time in my life.
And so, I dropped my Odyssey off to be repaired and awaited my rental.   I found myself slipping into a 2019, fully-loaded Honda CRV.  The kids piled into the CRV.  It looked like mission control on the inside.  My oldest son swiftly flipped the switch for his seat warmer.  My daughter instantly reached from the back seat to explore the touch screen control panel upfront.  And with eyes wide open, my youngest acknowledged, “Mom, we are driving in “Fancy Pants”! 
Yes, we were.  The car became quiet as we all settled into the unfamiliar feel of this new ride. 
As I dropped off the last child for school, I turned up the volume on the radio and drove to work bopping to the music on my warm seat in “Fancy Pants”.
It can be difficult to let go of what we know.  But remember, the letting go creates an opening for something new to grow.
Our inner work guides us to our purpose of becoming a living, breathing expression of self-evolution.  Allow this!  …..And don’t hold back from shaking your tail feather along the way!
Are you driving in your “Fancy Pants” today?!?
Keep on rollin’~
In Gratitude for Life’s Experiences
and their symbolic importance to my world,