october 2018

Seeing With the Eyes of the Heart - Horse Centered Woman's Retreat
Lutheran Memorial Camp, Fulton, OH
Circle P Sanctuary, Marengo, OH


Reading Reiki Healing Sessions available daily!
Never tried Reiki?  Mini Sample Sessions available too!
Please visit "contact" page to schedule.

2018 classes

*Inner Wisdom*
Divine Intuition Development Coaching Series
Fun exercises & weekly meditations! 

Got Chakras?
Develop a deep understanding of Chakras and how to actively work with them in your life

A Place to Breathe
Discover the Art of Space Clearing - elevate the vibration in your living and/or work space 

Cords that Bind
Explore connections to people, pets, places & things and how to balance these pathways 

Reiki I, II, III/Master, Teacher
Learn the ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki and the benefits it will have on your life and those in your tribe