december 2019 prayer circle & group Reiki with horses
3231 burnside rd nw, johnstown OH 43031

reiki love fest - a reiki share
massage dot calm, mt Vernon, OH

october 2019

Your One Wild Life-A Horse Retreat for Contemplative Woman
Circle P Sanctuary, Marengo, OH


September 2019 mind, body, spirit expo
Ohio expo center kasich hall Columbus, OH

reiki fall fest - a reiki share
massage dot calm, mt Vernon, OH



Reading Reiki Healing Sessions available with appointment
Never tried Reiki?  Mini Sample Sessions available!
Please visit "contact" page to schedule.

2019 classes

*Inner Wisdom*
Divine Intuitive Development Coaching Series Deepening your intuition while exploring and understanding your inner landscape. You will immerge with a greater understanding of yourself and your purpose in life.
Fun exercises & weekly meditations!


These classes are for those who are looking to step forward in their spiritual journey. The gift of an inner awakening will be with you forever!


Reiki I, II, III/Master, Teacher
Learn the ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki and the benefits it will have on your life and those in your tribe

Reiki I & II Class Certification & Attunement
Saturday, August 3 - Sunday, August 4, 2019
~ Please feel free to contact me for further details and future dates.

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Got Chakras?
Explore these spinning spheres of energy!
Take an in-depth journey through the chakra landscape. Develop an understanding of each chakra function, their correlation to mind/body health and how to work with them in your every day life. This course is friendly to all levels of chakra knowledge.


A Place to Breathe
Discover the Art of Space Clearing - elevate the vibration of your living and/or work space 

Cords that Bind
Explore connections to people, pets, places & things and how to balance these pathways