My practice is to keep education, healing and ultimately one’s spiritual journey simple as it organically aligns with our innate Truth. We do this together by shedding distractions. We realign with the cycles of Nature and the true essence of Spirit within. We gently quiet the egotic mind and relax the body through natural, noninvasive methods.

Through a combination of energetic and spiritual processes as well as education, my services assist souls along their path to rekindle their sweet connection to the Love and Joy of Spirit within.

I continue to be a student of life and excite to experience personal freedom as I discover God within me. It would be my honor to work with you. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or to schedule a session.


Our time together is gentle and compassionate, guided by the highest intention for each unique soul. A co-creation of understanding ones journey follows, bringing balance, harmony within, and healing to make for a happier "you"!