Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing modality that sparks the Divine life force within your body.  As this spark is reignited, your body realigns to its natural state through the energy and hands of the Reiki practitioner.  The healing session supports mind/emotions, body, and spirit. The environment and energy during a session is relaxed and calming, which is optimal for healing.  

In this way, Reiki is a wonderful modality for helping those who suffer from chronic low-grade stress in the form of headaches, anxiety, lack of sleep, depression, digestive issues, and attention deficit challenges.  

Pain, both emotional and physical, are our messages for a deeper root cause.  Pain is the body’s way to communicate that something is being pushed down, avoided, and not addressed.  Reiki helps relieve both emotional and physical pain. Reiki along with the Inner Wisdom Class Series is designed to help the client understand and connect to the deeper root cause and reignite the Divine connection within.

Some find one session to provide a significant shift, others find the sessions to be more of a healing journey and/or stress management.  

Reiki is a noninvasive, natural remedy and compliments any and all self-care regiments. It is safe and effective for adults, pregnant women, children of all ages, and pets!