March 2019: Are You Vibrating High?

There is a lot of talk about "vibration" today.  We hear that being spiritual is about keeping our vibration high.  As human beings with young, evolving egos, we tend to look outside of ourselves to compare our progress.

Reaching a high vibration is not defined by how many times we practice yoga a week, how deep and long we meditate, or how many retreats we have been on ~ though these are wonderful, enlightening practices!

Vibrating high is about being consciously aware of our inner landscape.  It's what we call "doing the work".  It's not about looking outside of oneself, observing other's Shadow and low-vibrational displays.  It's about discovering what is going on inside of the self.  The path of becoming the best we can be.

We begin to radiate at a "higher vibration" as we:
~become conscious of our own Shadow
~bring our awareness closer and closer to our Shadow moments in an attempt to understand our core triggers.
~learn to hold the newly discovered understanding of our self in love & compassion.
~begin to change our reaction and therefore our experiences with this newly discovered knowledge.
~AND as a result of this, we move quicker through Shadow experiences.

Existing as a high-vibrational being means doing our inner work and continuing to reach towards the Light.  Messing up and then reaching out again and again all while holding ourselves with Love.

I will see you in the Light.
I will see you in the Shadow.
Either way, let's keep seeing each other with Love.

Keep it simple.
Keep it true.
Keep striving for your best.

Peace be with you,


Spring 2019: Celebrate Spring


Allow yourself a quiet moment…..

Gaze upon the picture above.

Take at least 3 deep, cleansing breaths (or up to 10)

Then pause…..

You know the answers to your questions ~ you do.

In stillness, you hear the soft whispers.

Listen and you are able to hear the answers.

The answers are immediate and clear.

Everything will be okay….really.

On Soul level you already know this to be true.

~Sweet Surrender~


February 2019: Take My Breath Away

School days.  The mornings are busy and filled with chatter.  No matter how organized we are, we always find ourselves scrambling in the last few moments.  Flow for us is defined as "getting out the door on time"...however that looks.  On these school mornings, we have a saying: "past pancake time".  This lets us know that it's just too late to make pancakes.  One morning my youngest came down late and asked for pancakes.  My response..."it's past pancake time".  The next morning he excitedly came up in my room and coaxed me down the stairs.  "Mom, I have a surprise for you!" he shared.  I eagerly followed him and there on the table was a heart-shaped pancake for me that he had made!  Needless-to-say my day began with a heart-centered expression that set the tone for a beautiful beginning.

The month of February comes with a build up for love.  Valentine's Day can prove to be different things to different people.  However, one thing is true, it has us thinking of loved ones.

You may have lost touch with a dear friend, you may not have a romantic partner in your life right now, or maybe you do and are looking forward to exciting, love-filled bliss.  Possibly you are remembering someone dear that has passed. 

Wherever you find yourself during this month, I encourage you to open your heart to your current experience.  Sit quietly and just listen to the sounds around you.  Look to the sky and breathe deep.  Life is truly grand.  This loving, living grace that we are all a part of ~ it's truly invigorating.

If you need to cry, cry.  Feel the pain, BUT don't forget to DANCE & SING my friends! 

Allow the wonders of this Universe to TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY! 

LIVE It, FEEL It, TASTE It, TOUCH It, EMBRACE It!!  Allow God to SHINE through you! 

Put yourself out there and trust Love will find its way back to you....maybe not in the way you anticipate, but it will return to its Source....YOU! 

You may even receive a heart-shaped pancake!

Much Love,


January 2019: What Lies Beneath

January.....hmmm.  The trees are bare.  The landscape is barren.  The sun rarely finds a space to shine through the clouds.  The colors that surround our Earthly experience seem to be a mix of grayish brown.  The excitement, some possible drama, the lights and serenity of the holiday season have come to pass.  New Year's resolution excitement may have faded at this point.  And Spring, well Spring does not feel near.  January can be a challenging month.

If you are feeling a bit blue, or if you are struggling with a loss, heartbreak, an emptiness, open your heart to the sacred stillness of the winter season.  Look out on the whitish gray horizon and feel the gentle notion of rest....of taking a quiet breath in and a deep breath out.  Schools get closed, roads are not fit to travel.  Allow the playfulness of this time to bring you moments of joy.  Allow a slower pace to fill your heart and body with peace.

Please take a moment to align with your Soul - release the ego and the idea of time - and know at your highest Soul's level that All is "already" well.  And so it is.

Remember the hope, love and connection to the Divine is always there.  Sometimes just a bit hidden under the surface, but steadfast and always within reach.

I encourage you to allow your heart to be cradled in this gentle awareness of Truth.

In Peace and Love,


December 2018: We are Being

The holiday season can be either tricky, chaotic, sad, smooth, or joyful.  It can be a mixture of all these things as well.  And so our emotions follow suite.

As we bring our awareness to a tree, we see it exists through all seasons.  It is not choosing to "be" patient during the uncomfortable days of cold weather, rain or snow.  
The tree is just "being".  Being what it is in that very moment without trying to be something else.  The tree is experiencing the true sense of the word.

During your spiritual evolution, please continue to practice patience or kindness as an exercise of behavior.  But know"being" is about allowing.
Allowing each and every emotion/experience to fulfill its course.
Allow the anger.
Allow the discomfort of change in flow with your personal Truth.
Allow true joy to fill you.
Allow jealousy or negative thoughts.
Allow what brings gratitude to your heart.
See each through.
Be conscious of your emotions/experiences and follow them to their root.
Here you will discern the cause.
Here you will uncover and discover YOU. 
We follow our emotions with the greatest of compassion and love of ourselves for this process brings us to a deep understanding of who we are at our core.
THAT is "being".
We are being in body, being in mind, being in Spirit.
That is our True Purpose.
This is how we give more, how we live more, and how we LOVE more!

I encourage you to hold this message close to your heart as we welcome in the New Year.
Truth Blessings to YOU in 2019!!!
Sharing the Peace,