February 2019: Take My Breath Away

School days.  The mornings are busy and filled with chatter.  No matter how organized we are, we always find ourselves scrambling in the last few moments.  Flow for us is defined as "getting out the door on time"...however that looks.  On these school mornings, we have a saying: "past pancake time".  This lets us know that it's just too late to make pancakes.  One morning my youngest came down late and asked for pancakes.  My response..."it's past pancake time".  The next morning he excitedly came up in my room and coaxed me down the stairs.  "Mom, I have a surprise for you!" he shared.  I eagerly followed him and there on the table was a heart-shaped pancake for me that he had made!  Needless-to-say my day began with a heart-centered expression that set the tone for a beautiful beginning.

The month of February comes with a build up for love.  Valentine's Day can prove to be different things to different people.  However, one thing is true, it has us thinking of loved ones.

You may have lost touch with a dear friend, you may not have a romantic partner in your life right now, or maybe you do and are looking forward to exciting, love-filled bliss.  Possibly you are remembering someone dear that has passed. 

Wherever you find yourself during this month, I encourage you to open your heart to your current experience.  Sit quietly and just listen to the sounds around you.  Look to the sky and breathe deep.  Life is truly grand.  This loving, living grace that we are all a part of ~ it's truly invigorating.

If you need to cry, cry.  Feel the pain, BUT don't forget to DANCE & SING my friends! 

Allow the wonders of this Universe to TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY! 

LIVE It, FEEL It, TASTE It, TOUCH It, EMBRACE It!!  Allow God to SHINE through you! 

Put yourself out there and trust Love will find its way back to you....maybe not in the way you anticipate, but it will return to its Source....YOU! 

You may even receive a heart-shaped pancake!

Much Love,