January 2019: What Lies Beneath

January.....hmmm.  The trees are bare.  The landscape is barren.  The sun rarely finds a space to shine through the clouds.  The colors that surround our Earthly experience seem to be a mix of grayish brown.  The excitement, some possible drama, the lights and serenity of the holiday season have come to pass.  New Year's resolution excitement may have faded at this point.  And Spring, well Spring does not feel near.  January can be a challenging month.

If you are feeling a bit blue, or if you are struggling with a loss, heartbreak, an emptiness, open your heart to the sacred stillness of the winter season.  Look out on the whitish gray horizon and feel the gentle notion of rest....of taking a quiet breath in and a deep breath out.  Schools get closed, roads are not fit to travel.  Allow the playfulness of this time to bring you moments of joy.  Allow a slower pace to fill your heart and body with peace.

Please take a moment to align with your Soul - release the ego and the idea of time - and know at your highest Soul's level that All is "already" well.  And so it is.

Remember the hope, love and connection to the Divine is always there.  Sometimes just a bit hidden under the surface, but steadfast and always within reach.

I encourage you to allow your heart to be cradled in this gentle awareness of Truth.

In Peace and Love,