Keep it Simple~ Simply Divine!

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, 7th Ray Multi-Dimensional Practitioner.

I have also earned a professional certification in Spiritual Intuition & Readings and Chakra Balancing. This work is learned at the level of Soul Inquiry.

Inner truth is clear, inner truth is Love. Peace and joy are the outcome.


My name is Debbie Chooljian. I am a Reiki Master Teacher certified in Guiding Vision Readings as well as Chakra Balancing. During the past 10 plus years, I have dedicated myself to the raising of my 3 children and to my spiritual healing studies earning several certifications. I have a background in Office Management and Human Resources. In these past corporate roles, I have found myself bridging owners with their staff helping to strive balance, cooperation and eventually an improved level of success.

I am a lover of Nature.


Nature has always been my passageway to the Divine Source Energy. My spiritual journey ignited in full swing upon the birth and raising of my three children. They have connected me to a new level of love and passion within, a more unified way of being in my life and in the world.

With the world moving so swiftly today and offering so much information and many choices, overwhelm and distraction are easy to encounter (even in the spiritual realm!). I do not feel life was meant to be a constant struggle resulting in fatigue and disconnection. Each day, I make a choice to keep things simple and dissolve distraction. I look to Mother Earth and my divine, innate intuitive ability as my guide. I am sincere and do my best to stand in my Truth so that my clients may do the very same.