Some say grace before meals. Me, I say grace at sunset. Grace for the bounty placed before me. The bounty of the miracle of life.

Sunset, my favorite time of the day. Every evening throughout the summer, with complete reverence I watch as the sun sets. I am mesmerized by the magnificence of the sky. Grand and limitless it ignites an expansion within my heart and soul.

Life is a well-orchestrated miracle. No matter the challenge before me, in the midst of this grand gesture of the sun with the promise of return, I receive the felt sense that all is okay. I don’t have the answers and, maybe, I am not meant to. I trust more and more the wisdom that has created me.

The combination of strength and love of the natural world lies within me. My heart beats to the rhythm of Nature’s Universal Wisdom.

Glory Be!
Sweet summer sun shine on brightly!

Allow yourself to see a miracle of life today!

Take it Gentle,