March 2019: Are You Vibrating High?

There is a lot of talk about "vibration" today.  We hear that being spiritual is about keeping our vibration high.  As human beings with young, evolving egos, we tend to look outside of ourselves to compare our progress.

Reaching a high vibration is not defined by how many times we practice yoga a week, how deep and long we meditate, or how many retreats we have been on ~ though these are wonderful, enlightening practices!

Vibrating high is about being consciously aware of our inner landscape.  It's what we call "doing the work".  It's not about looking outside of oneself, observing other's Shadow and low-vibrational displays.  It's about discovering what is going on inside of the self.  The path of becoming the best we can be.

We begin to radiate at a "higher vibration" as we:
~become conscious of our own Shadow
~bring our awareness closer and closer to our Shadow moments in an attempt to understand our core triggers.
~learn to hold the newly discovered understanding of our self in love & compassion.
~begin to change our reaction and therefore our experiences with this newly discovered knowledge.
~AND as a result of this, we move quicker through Shadow experiences.

Existing as a high-vibrational being means doing our inner work and continuing to reach towards the Light.  Messing up and then reaching out again and again all while holding ourselves with Love.

I will see you in the Light.
I will see you in the Shadow.
Either way, let's keep seeing each other with Love.

Keep it simple.
Keep it true.
Keep striving for your best.

Peace be with you,